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2015 Toyota Sienna | Approved for Parents

2015 Toyota Sienna Exterior Front End - Copy

The Toyota Sienna received the 2015 Today’s Parent Approved™ Seal. This vehicle is just one of 20 products to receive the recognition from the magazine. The seal helps parents feel more secure about the products they purchase for their families.

Today’s Parent is the top source in Canada for parents to find information about different products. They collect data through an online survey and evaluates it based on three different criteria. This includes ease of use, quality and the value for money. Parents turn to this resource when making purchasing decisions to help them feel secure in the choices they make.

A family vehicle with seating for up to eight, the 2015 Toyota Sienna is a stylish, powerful minivan that families enjoy owning. It includes seven airbags, making it a safer choice. The Toyota Sienna comes in several trim levels and even has an all-wheel drive model, which happens to be the only such vehicle in Canada.

Some of the features that make the 2015 Toyota Sienna stand out for families include a spacious interior with optimal storage, a pull-down conversation mirror, four anchor points for children’s seats and the Driver Easy Speak. This feature allows parents to have a one-way conversation with the passengers in the back seat.

If you are in the market for a family vehicle, you can feel confident in choosing the 2015 Toyota Sienna. Stop by West Coast Toyota to check it out. With a large selection of vehicles that fit the active lifestyles of today’s families, you are sure to find the right choice for you.

Randy Saunders

West Coast Toyota

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