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I Wasn’t Pushed or Oversold | West Coast Toyota Customer

I Wasn’t Pushed or Oversold | West Coast Toyota Customer

Don’t expect any empty promises at West Coast Toyota. According to Ernest Porter, a customer who recently purchased a Toyota RAV4, he wasn’t pushed into making a deal or oversold on the model. The overall experience and atmosphere was great, and he has enjoyed the after-sale follow-up as well.


Ernest took his time to do a lot of research before deciding on a Toyota. He knew he was looking for a four-wheel-drive SUV, and he wanted a backup camera. He looked at a lot of models even though he favoured the Toyota brand because it was his first vehicle purchase. Ernest was focusing on finding what he wanted at the right price point. Though other brands were slightly cheaper than the Toyota RAV4, it wasn’t enough to make him choose them over the RAV4. Once he took it for a test drive, he was sold on it.

Ernest is just another customer with an experience that shows why West Coast Toyota is the right place to go for your next new vehicle. With a no pressure atmosphere and great deals, you can rely on the reputation of West Coast Toyota for your next purchase.

Randy Saunders
West Coast Toyota