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I’m Happiest Here at West Coast Toyota

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Hi, my name is Vin and I bought a Toyota Tacoma because it was a smaller vehicle. And I couldn’t get a smaller vehicle anywhere else. Well, he’s been very helpful helped me with all the dials and buttons on the truck, well there are several and I still don’t know them all yet. He’s helped me with some of the servicing. I also had the 1000 km servicing and also had a few extra things added to the truck. Still, have to get those done.

It has been very good. It’s a good experience actually I’m quite surprised. I’ve bought other vehicles at other places but without a doubt, I’m happiest here. I know I say you’ve been very good. I’ve been treated better here than I would have thought you know than I would get treated anywhere I’ve bought several other vehicles at other places and have been treated well but my treatment here has been better.