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Making Even-better Cars: A Progress Report

Toyota Innovation

Toyota has been working towards a new global vision that would focus on designing and creating better cars to enjoy growth that is sustainable for the long-term. This process has been on-going for the past four years with improved products as well as a more skilled workforce. Customers will begin to see these changes in the cars they buy and drive.

Part of this vision is new platforms that work with new powertrains. Increased efficiency is the result of lighter components in a compact area. These new powertrains will be seen in vehicles starting in 2015 and will be available in hybrid models as well as the gasoline engines. A lower center of gravity and shorter stance are also seen in these new platforms to develop more responsiveness with improved performance. Many of these changes will occur later in 2015, but most will transition in the following year with midsize vehicles being redesigned first and compact cars and large automobiles following.

One of the goals for Toyota is to reduce the cost of production in creating new vehicles. This encompasses new components such as transmissions and engines that are used on current models.

Car buyers will feel the results of Toyota’s mission when they purchase vehicles in 2015 and 2016. The manufacturer will become more competitive in the market while introducing new technology in various aspects to the vehicles. Visit West Coast Toyota to find more about the changes coming to the Toyota lineup and what it means for drivers.

 Randy Saunder

West Coast Toyota

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