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Marty is Impressed With His Toyota Prius

Kalim Mohiuddin’s customer Marty stopped by the dealership recently because he has been so impressed with his 2004 Toyota Prius.  It has just over 338,000 kms on it and going strong.  His first brake service was at 258,000kms and he wants everyone to know that the Prius has been the best investment he ever made.  We should also note that Marty does not drive as a taxi these are all of his own kms!

Thank you for your business Marty! We are thrilled that you have had such success with your Prius!

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  • Dean Guzman June 11, 2019, 8:28 pm

    I can’t thank Kalim, West Coast Toyota and TOYOTA enough for over 20 years of amazing service … they made car buying a wonderful experience and owning super reliable cars where I only had to put gas and do oil changes over a million miles (thru 5 Camrys)!!!

    • Sales Team June 12, 2019, 12:46 pm

      Hi Dean, we are so grateful for your kind comments, and also for your dedication to us as a customer. It is always a pleasure to serve you. We look forward to another 20 years! Sincerely, Randy Saunders, General Sales Manager

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