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2017 Toyota Prius Line-Up | Red Tag Days | West Coast Toyota

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So guess what? It’s Red Tag Days at West Coast Toyota in Maple Ridge.

Today we’re featuring the whole Prius lineup. We’ve got three different Prius models, and you may have noticed that gas prices have been spiking up, and they’re predicted to go up to record highs this year. So why not consider a Hybrid? They’re great, they’re very reliable, they’ll give you the best possible gas mileage, and guess what, during Red Tag Days we have the very best possible deals as well.

So come on down to West Coast Toyota in Maple Ridge. We’re just across the bridge in Maple Ridge. We’ll show you how nice these cars drive, and what great deals they have during Red Tag Days.

Thanks for watching, and if you want more information just click on the link below.

Sales Team
West Coast Toyota

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