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Robert Barinj Gets the Appreciation He Deserves!


To the Manager, West Coast Toyota.

I would like to submit this to you as my personal commendation to your service representative, Mr. Robert Barinj.

We came to you in significant need, our previous car having been destroyed by an engine fire which came within literally less than ten seconds of having us burn in the car.

He strove to get us the best possible deal on a car that we desperately needed due to the necessities of our professions. After the sale, it was found that there was a significant defect in the lighting on the essential dials on the dashboard. He made certain that this defect would be corrected at no cost to us, and guaranteed us a loaner car during the interim – all of which I would expect from a dealership such as your own.

However, Mr.Barinj conducted himself in a highly professional fashion, delivering personal service in a way that was both laudable and highly appreciated.

I would like to deliver to you my great appreciation and gratitude for this excellent gentleman’s service to us and hope that this appreciation be shared by yourself for having an excellent and dedicated employee.

Braun M.

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  • Darcy wolfspirit December 16, 2017, 2:42 pm

    He’s a great guy to work with would recommend him to my friends and family.

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