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2016 Toyota Corolla

Karla’s Ready to Get Back Behind the Wheel!

wct2Karla Ramirez-Suarez is relieved and thankful to be standing in front of a new 2016 Toyota Corolla after unfortunately having their 2014 written off. Product Advisor Phil Stanyer and everyone at West Coast Toyota are all glad Karla was not seriously injured and can continue to enjoy the attributes of the Toyota Corolla and everything it has to offer. All the best to you and your family Karla!


Reliability Wins Over Andrea!

ac287a8c-3cbc-484e-a857-f2f2607666f9 Andrea is one happy lady after picking up her 2016 Toyota Corolla from Product Advisor Phil Stanyer. Thank you so much Andrea. The only drag is Corolla’s are so reliable Phil may not see her for a long time!


2016 Toyota Corolla Review

2016 Toyota Corolla | New Spin on an Old Favourite

Disclaimer: Video Shows 2015 Toyota Corolla Model

The Corolla has always impressed drivers with its reliability and the 2016 Toyota Corolla has even more features to excite drivers. This stylish sedan comes in four trim levels: the CE, LE, S, and the LE ECO, and is more fully loaded than ever. [continue reading…]