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2017 Toyota Prius v

Alain is Fuel Efficient in a Prius v

Sales representative Chris Thomas was happy to deliver Alain Seguin his 3rd Toyota Hybrid.  Here is Alain taking delivery of a top of the line 2017 Toyota Prius v with the technology package. With this newest Toyota Mr. Seguin will continue to enjoy the incredibly low running costs he has enjoyed for several years now with the hybrids. Congratulations again Alain!


2017 Toyota Prius v Review

2017 Toyota Prius v | Determined Performance


Enjoy a refined and innovative driving experience in the 2017 Toyota Prius v. Through its resilient Hybrid technology, you are given an efficient and powerful capability. Smooth design elements bring a look of motion to the road as you enjoy the five-door crossover design with a spacious seating capacity for up to five individuals. Available trim levels include the 2017 Toyota Prius v Base with the optional addition of the Luxury Package or the Technology Package. [continue reading…]