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Mike Goodrich

The Canucks Lose But Gary and Sandra Win!

red pinHello folks,

My wife Sandra and I recently purchased a 2014 Tacoma TRD Sport from West Coast Toyota and we were very pleased with our experience.

First, some background: prior to our Tacoma, we purchased a Corolla for our oldest son, a Yaris for our youngest son, a Rav4 for my wife and, a Sienna for me. These West Coast purchases go back to 2004. About 6 months ago my wife began trying to convince me to trade in my beautiful 2004 Sienna for a Tacoma. I argued profusely and had a strong case (or so I thought). My van was spotless inside and out, no dents, no scratches, hand waxed four times a year, synthetic oils only and only performed at West Coast Toyota. Plus, I only had 120,000 k’s on my baby. [continue reading…]