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The Big Red Bike Race

What a hoot West Coast Toyota and the rest of the gang in the West Coast Auto Group had on May 3rd. Pedaling down the streets of Maple Ridge would be fun on any sunny day, but May 3rd had a special meaning. It was the annual Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike Race.

Joining in to support their local community, West Coast Toyota, dubbed the “CAR-Diac Cruisers” and other surrounding business raced against one another raising funds to help purchase defibrillators, increasing survival chances for those affected by a stroke or heart attack.

Raising nearly $5,000 and coming in a mere 21 seconds behind the Molicel Heart Throbs, it was a day well spent. Watch for the teams as they race down the streets again next year in 2014.

On behalf of the entire team, West Coast Toyota sends out their great appreciation to each person who took the time to volunteer for the event, made donations and helped everything come together.

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West Coast Toyota

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