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The Canucks Lose But Gary and Sandra Win!

red pinHello folks,

My wife Sandra and I recently purchased a 2014 Tacoma TRD Sport from West Coast Toyota and we were very pleased with our experience.

First, some background: prior to our Tacoma, we purchased a Corolla for our oldest son, a Yaris for our youngest son, a Rav4 for my wife and, a Sienna for me. These West Coast purchases go back to 2004. About 6 months ago my wife began trying to convince me to trade in my beautiful 2004 Sienna for a Tacoma. I argued profusely and had a strong case (or so I thought). My van was spotless inside and out, no dents, no scratches, hand waxed four times a year, synthetic oils only and only performed at West Coast Toyota. Plus, I only had 120,000 k’s on my baby.

My wife’s argument was , our kids (both over six feet tall) are in post secondary, we no longer have to transport our boys and their pals, we periodically need to haul appliances or garden supplies, we can afford it and, the coup de gras; she loves trucks!

After finally succumbing to her wishes we started shopping for a truck. It went without saying that we would A) buy a Tacoma. B) purchase it at West Coast and C) purchase it only through our trusted sales associate, Mike Goodrich. We met with Mike, spoke with him on the phone and, exchanged text messages over the course of two months just working out which Tacoma was the best for our family and how to maximise our trade in value on my beloved Sienna. Mike even exchanged text messages with me while he was on a Saturday night while he was at GM Place watching the Canuck’s lose!

In the meantime, I spoke extensively about this decision with the West Coast Service Manager Rick Bultitude. Rick, as well as all the Service Center people, is a very informative and friendly person; he represents WC well. Rick offered me his Tacoma for a couple of days while one of our vehicles was serviced. My wife and I were very appreciative of this and spent the next while driving and examining the Tacoma inside and out.

We were sold. We wanted a duplicate of Ricks replete with all of the accessories. We contacted Mike Goodrich and advised him we were ready to make a deal. Mike’s assistance on our purchase and all of the extra options we purchased would make this email even longer than it is . Suffice to say, Goodrich was outstanding.

In conclusion: our numerous Toyota purchases are attributed to the service department under Ricks leadership and, Mike Goodrich’s honest , sincere and informative assistance.

We are loyal to West Coast because of these fine people.

Gary and Sandra Weishaar, Maple Ridge

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  • I. Adam April 3, 2022, 4:47 am

    I personally wish best of luck to each and every member of West Coast Toyota dealership. Keep up the good work.