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The Car-Diac Cruisers Ride Again | Heart and Stroke Big Bike

On May 4th staff members, families and friends gathered to watch the West Coast Auto Group hop on the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Big Bike for the fifth year in a row. Staff and friends of West Coast Toyota were some of the riders.

West Coast Auto Group Big Bike Ride

The Big Bike is a Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada event where 29 participants ride the Big Bike as one throughout their hometown. Over the course of the 20-minute journey, the Big Bike stops traffic and rallies support for the continued fight against one of Canada’s biggest killers.


Having raised over $20,000, the West Coast Auto Group added another $4500 to the growing total in this year’s event. Each donation supports different efforts of critical research for heart disease and stroke prevention, as well as regenerative medicines, education and awareness, and further research into understanding heart attack recovery in women.

On behalf of everyone at West Coast Toyota, we thank our generous sponsors and donors for making this year a great success.