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My name is Andres Kasim. I bought a 2016 Toyota Highlander. The reason I purchased it was basically pressure from my wife because she wanted a new vehicle. We had an old Highlander previous to this, and it had 317,000 kms on it.

We sold it within 24 hours and purchased this new one the next day. We’ve been to a lot of other dealerships because of the nature of the work that I’ve been in. In a different municipality, I’ve dealt with a lot of other Toyota dealerships but we live within blocks from this one, and they treated us well over the years, and we found there was no reason to go anywhere else. We’re more than happy to have come back to this one.

It was Thomas Cruise who was the German, that sold us this vehicle. He’s an older gentleman, laid back. I’ve dealt with a lot of car dealers in my life, and I found him to be very friendly, very honest. Unpressurized, upfront. It was a pleasurable experience this time. Much better than it has been in the years past that I’ve dealt with other car dealers. I would have no trouble in recommending.

West Coast Toyota to friends or family, or to anybody. For the same reasons that I’ve just given you. They have been very honest and upfront. You don’t feel you’re being pressured into purchasing a vehicle. I think Thomas and the staff here looked at our wants and needs. And we tapered into what we were looking for into this purchase. We basically knew what we wanted before we came here but he was helpful.

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