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Toyota Lease Advantage

Toyota Lease Advantage | The Right Choice For You

Toyota Lease Advantage

When it comes to driving a fresh new vehicle that perfectly suits your lifestyle while meeting your specific needs and wants, Toyota has a vast selection of vehicles to choose from. They are committed to finding you the perfect fit and bringing in some delightful surprises along the way.

So what happens once your find the perfect vehicle? Do you finance it or lease it? How do you know which option is best for you and your lifestyle? The Toyota Lease Advantage makes it easy to see the benefits of leasing a Toyota, thanks to its award-winning residual value and lower lease rates, versatile leasing options, benefits to Canadian businesses, and most importantly peace of mind.

Award-Winning Value

The 2015 Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) listed Toyota as a brand which demonstrates “high quality with a strong resale value”. Toyota also holds more residual value than any other brand. For Toyota customers, this means lower lease payments thanks to the high residual value; since when you lease, you only pay for the portion of the vehicle life that you use.

Versatile Leasing Options

Life has unexpected ups and downs, which is why Toyota’s lease terms have been made flexible. Toyota offers various terms, ranging from 24-60 months, meaning you can plan for life’s changing needs. Upgrade seamlessly and indulge in the highest level of safety or latest technology and incredible fuel efficiency, to complement your needs. These flexible options allow customers to find a lease that best suits their ever-changing needs.


Leasing vs. Financing

Depending on your financial situation, leasing may end up being a more responsible route. This is because leasing offers lower monthly payments, and in most cases no down payment required, meaning it can fit into a budget more readily. This also means that when it comes to taxing, rather than paying tax on the value of the entire vehicle, you only pay tax on the monthly payment. There is also more of a contingency of lease length matching a manufacturer warranty. This comes in handy when every repair during your lease is covered.

Business Benefits

Toyota offers a versatile lineup, with models perfect for most businesses. For Canadian business owners, leasing could offer a tax advantage. Whether you already are a business owner, or are thinking about it, it is worth speaking to a tax advisor to see the benefits you may be eligible for.

Driving with Confidence

Leasing also offers peace of mind, as there is a convenient vehicle return process. Once a lease is up, you can avoid the hassle of selling your car on your own. Either return your car back to the dealership and lease a new one, or buy the vehicle out and keep it. The choice is yours, and with the optional Toyota Wear Pass Plan you are protected against wear and tear, which enhances your overall protection.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle for your personal or business needs, leasing with Toyota may be right for you. To learn more about Toyota Canada’s Toyota Lease Advantage benefits, visit West Coast Toyota Today.

Randy Saunders

West Coast Toyota