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Toyota Mirai at the 2018 Vancouver Auto Show

Toyota Mirai | The First of its Kind

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West Coast Toyota’s Randy Saunders was on hand at the 2018 Vancouver International Auto Show to check out the first-ever market-ready fuel cell hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Yes, you read that right. Revolutionizing the road as we know it, the Toyota has announced it will be the first company in North America to offer a fuel cell hydrogen powered vehicle on the market with the Toyota Mirai. The Toyota Mirai is a zero emission vehicle that you don’t have to plug in. Simply fill it with hydrogen!

Though Toyota executives revealed to Randy that it could come sooner than we think, there has been no word on the official arrival date of the Toyota Mirai. For more information on the Toyota Mirai or the rest of Toyota’s action-packed lineup, contact West Coast Toyota!

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West Coast Toyota

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