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Toyota Wins Vincentric Best Value in Canada Awards

Toyota Canada Inc. has done it again, earning an outstanding surplus of awards between Toyota and Lexus lineups. In fact, between the two they rallied in an impressive 14 in total.

Vincentric works to recognize vehicles with outstanding value. In order to best do this, they compare all the vehicles in each segment. The competitors are awarded for having the greatest value by achieving a lower than expected ownership cost. The vehicles with the greatest difference are then crowned the winner.

This year West Coast Toyota is pleased to announce that Toyota was recognized for its SUV and hybrid design technology. The SUVs awarded include Toyota C-HR, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Toyota also won as a brand for the second time the Best Value SUV, Crossover, & Van Brand. On top of that for the 7th straight year, both the Sequoia and Tacoma lead there categories. Learn more about this amazing lineup today!

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West Coast Toyota

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