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You Will Feel Valued At West Coast Toyota

Dear Mr. Jones,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my pleasure in dealing with Mr. Kalim Mohiuddin, Assistant Sales Manager at West Coast Toyota as I just traded my 2009 Toyota Yaris for a 2009 Camry Hybrid on April 27th. 

As I have be bringing my wife’s 2004 Toyota 4Runner and my 2009 Toyota Yaris for service at West Coast Toyota for the past 5 years, I often took the opportunity to view your pre-owned inventory which is where I first met Kalim.  It’s been my experience that I have encountered sales pressure when viewing vehicles; however, my experience with Kalim was the opposite as he always greeted me with a friendly smile with the invitation to look and the opportunity to ask questions.    

Approximately one month ago I began my search for a 2009/2010 Toyota Corolla LE  and decided to phone Kalim as a result of our “semi-annual” meetings outside in the vehicle lot.  I can’t forget the night I called Kalim to inquire about a 2009 Corolla as he said I was the customer who owned the Toyota Yaris with the white pearl paint which he remembered seeing on several occasions.

Upon speaking with Kalim about the Corolla, I was made to feel very valued by him and West Coast Toyota as the vehicle was held without a deposit until I had the opportunity to visit the dealership the next day.  Also, I had the opportunity to drive take the vehicle home and show my wife without having to sign a release or provide a valid driver’s license which really impressed me as there’s great value in being respected and trusted.

Although I passed on the Corolla, Kalim was fantastic in recognizing that I was searching for a 9.5 out of 10 sedan as I was currently driving a 9.5 Yaris!

As such, Kalim showed me the 2009 Camry Hybrid which at first I was very hesitant as it seemed like too much car for me based on price and features; however, after travelling 9.5 hours to a dealership in Vernon and back to view a 2009 Toyota Corolla S that was apparently in mint condition only to find $700.00 in required body work or to a dealership in Nanaimo where they lowered the price of a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE by $1,000 only to make up the difference on my trade, I phoned Kalim to say that I would like to proceed in purchasing the Camry if it was still available now knowing that I was getting top dollar for my trade and getting a valued customer price on the Camry.

Fortunately, the Camry was still available and I was able to meet with Kalim on April 27th to finalize my purchase.  Again, I was wowed with the sales process as Kalim offered me the ability to make my purchase using a credit card and a personal cheque which saved me going to the bank to purchase a bank draft which truly demonstrated to me that I am a valued customer of West Coast Toyota knowing that I am not only trusted in driving your inventory without a sales representative present, but that I can also purchase a vehicle using a personal cheque.

Once I drove home and parked the Camry in my driveway, I noticed a rock chip in the front windshield and small crease in the front quarter panel…well I instantly felt ill to my stomach as I was stressed by the fact that I should have been more observant and that I would have to pay for these small repairs knowing the deal was done!  However, I decided to send Kalim an email that morning to inquire about who West Coast Toyota uses to repair such items.  Well, to my sense of relief Kalim immediately replied via email saying to bring the Camry in the following week for his viewing.  Upon his review, Kalim said he would address the repairs which are being done this Saturday…FANTASTIC SERVICE!

In summary, I just want to say that it’s been a real pleasure in dealing with Kalim as I’m in the service business and really appreciate/value Kalim’s friendly smile, caring attitude and product knowledge.  In lieu of my dealings with Kalim, I have recommended to family, friends and business colleagues to contact Kalim should they ever be in need of purchasing a vehicle as my car buying experience was a 10 out of 10…thank you again Kalim for your exceptional service and making me feel so valued…I look forward to catching up with you in 6 months outside in the car lot; although, I see myself owning the Camry for the next 15 years…I love it!!!


Rob Cherkas