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6 Steps You Should Take Before Buying a Vehicle From a Private Seller.

When purchasing a vehicle there are 6 steps to take to ensure you are buying from a genuine private seller and not a Curber.

1. Ask to see the drivers license of the person selling you the car. You should also ask to see the original registration forms.

2. Ensure that the vehicle is registered in the name of the person selling you the car.

3. The VIN on the registration and the car should match.

4. Get a comprehensive vehicle history report.

5. Check for liens on the vehicle. Some vehicle history reports will show any unpaid  repairs or any unpaid loans.

6. Get an inspection from a trusted mechanic.

If other things pop up as concerns, you can always visit www.vehiclesalesauthority.com or call them at 1-877-294-9889.

West Coast Toyota is licensed with VSA and ready to help you find the right vehicle. We hope these steps will save you from any unnecessary hardships.

Sales Team

West Coast Toyota