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About Us

Randy Saunders has been in the car business since 1981 where he spent some hours working at a dealership. From there he made his way to West Coast Toyota. “I have worked in most departments, but I am happiest in the sales department,” said Randy.

“With working in different parts of the dealership, you gain a comprehensive view of what is important to the customers,” said Randy about the experience he holds.

“I wouldn’t want to be with any other brand,” said Randy. “The people we have working here are devoted to the Toyota Brand.”

“Many of our employees have been with the dealership for many years,” said Randy. They have built a reputation with customers for being knowledgeable and charismatic. They are also known for being very diverse according the Randy. “We have many employees who speak different languages such as Hindu, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi and French to name a few.”

Also, all of the staff at West Coast Toyota are fully trained. “Our staff have completed Platinum Level for all their Toyota Certification for Product Advisory,” said Randy.

What really makes this Toyota dealership stand out in the Lower Mainland is that they always put customers first. “What makes our dealership different is that we listen to our customers. We listen to any complaint we get and learn from it.”

“We also have a very large inventory. It is actually one of the largest on ground inventory in B.C., we make it easy for people to shop here,” said Randy. “We offer every possible option available to customers to allow them to shop and choose a vehicle for themselves. “

The future is bright for the team at West Coast Toyota. “We have renovations planned for next year,” said Randy. The loyal customer base at the dealership has been growing steadily over the years and has reached the point where more room and services are needed.

West Coast Toyota has listened to its customers and is answering their request. “With a new facility we will have an increased shop size, a modern facility for our customers and an even bigger lot for all the vehicles anyone could ever want,” said Randy. “We want to continue to improve our relationship with our customers.“

“Continuing to stay at the top of the heap with providing vehicles for customers and understanding our customers, giving the best customer service in the industry,” said Randy about the plan to operate.

West Coast Toyota supports the community too. They help out the Citizen On Patrol organization which is the local neighborhood watch. The dealership supports their activities by providing a minivan as transportation. They sponsor Dry Grad by giving away a car every year. Also they are sponsoring the newly founded West Coast Auto Group Football Club aka. soccer club. The team is pretty excited to help give kids the opportunity to participate in a team sport.

West Coast Toyota has an in-house certification program. They use this program to offer guaranteed used vehicles; every vehicle is inspected and the dealership stands behind it. Customers can shop with confidence that they will be getting a quality vehicle.

People hold pride with their vehicle ownership. There is no brand to be more proud of than Toyota. West Coast Toyota is a comfortable place where customers can shop with confidence. Stop by the dealership and see for yourself what a real car buying experience should be like.

Randy Saunders

General Sales Manager

West Coast Toyota