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In 1991 Evergreen was created as a way to encourage the sustainment of natural outdoor spaces as well as creating them in our homes, schools and communities.

In 2000 Toyota Canada Inc. and its dealerships such as West Coast Toyota, along with Evergreen came together to create the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds. A program used to turn the grounds of schools into natural environments of learning with the hopes that our children will have a better appreciation for making our world a greener place.

Throughout the last decade Toyota Canada Inc. and dealerships like West Coast Toyota have made more than $6 million in contributions to help communities turn dilapidated school grounds into exciting, natural and inviting play places. The students take part in activities such as:

  • Planting trees
  • Planning the arrangement of shaded areas and seating
  • Planting gardens that make the school yard a classroom and learning friendly area

Nearly 3,000 schools across Canada have participated in the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds with almost 1 million students participating.

West Coast Toyota is excited to contribute to the work going towards helping make this world more green. With these efforts we can look forward to a healthy planet and environmentally aware communities and students.

Learn more about what Evergreen and Toyota are doing to #GetDirty and find out what 100in1 is by clicking here.