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Beware of Curbers when buying a vehicle privately.

Be educated when buying a vehicle privately. When buying a used vehicle in BC a lot of grief and money can be saved if you do your homework. The VSA (Vehicle Sales Authority) wants you to  be aware of some of the dangers buying a vehicle privately can pose.

Be aware of Curbers, which are unlicensed dealers operating as private sellers. They will give you a great deal and make it seem easy. Curbers often sell vehicles that are mechanically unsafe, have the wrong mileage on the odometer or have been stolen.

The VSA licences dealers, so if there is an issues with a licensed dealer they can help you. If you buy from a Curber sometimes your only option to get your money back is to go to court.

Don’t be fooled by a Curber, do some research and keep your car buying experience a positive one.

Sales Team

West Coast Toyota