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Big Bike Event for Heart & Stroke Research

CAR-Diac Cruisers Ride

The Cardiac Cruisers took part in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike Event once again this year. West Coast Toyota and the West Coast Auto Group are proud to be apart of this exciting cause. Without our generous contributors this years Big Bike Event would not have been as successful as it was.

CAR-Diac Cruisers CPR

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has put millions of dollars and countless hours of research into innovative and life saving ventures for those suffering from Heart or Stroke related issues. One of these exciting ventures is Call.Push. Restart  – a free and easy-to-use app that aids you and everyone with the app in reacting in a timely and appropriate manner to a cardiac arrest situation. This app can be downloaded in the App Store or through Google Play.

CAR-Diac Cruisers Team

To those who came out to support and participate on behalf of the  Cardiac Cruisers, we thank you and hope to see you next year.

  • Kelley Arnott
  • Crystal Brouwer
  • Thomas Byrne
  • Bradley Long
  • Deborah Mikowski
  • Gord Zilkowsky
  • Mike Poelzer
  • Sam Slater
  • Kia Stuart
  • Tony Weller
  • Vincent Wilson
  • Greg Pow
  • Linda Leo
  • Joanne Katongo
  • Mitch Clark
  • Nick Davis
  • Dan Desharnais
  • Judy Fullerton
  • Anthony Mackinnon
  • Alty Goolab
  • Joe Huliganga
  • Karissa Murray
  • Christina Pronger
  • Chris Thomas
  • Scott Jones
  • Thom Jonsen
  • Karissa’s mom
  • Karissa’s mom’ student

Randy Saunders
West Coast Toyota

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