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Jason made this bad situation have a very happy ending.

Dear Mr. Jones,

My name is Bonnie Karhukangas, and I am writing to you about an incident that occurred to me last week on September 4th.

I had purchased a brand new 2012 Sienna Van from West Coast Toyota last March.  This was our first new vehicle in a long time so we decided to get the top of the line.  The van was treated with care and we even named it “VANessa”.

Because we cared for this van with great detail, I always made sure to park at my work in a place that I could back in and had plenty of room on the sides.  You can image my despair when I went to my van after work that day to find the back hatch window had been completely smashed.

Not having this ever happen to me before, I didn’t know what to do.  I immediately called the service department at West Coast Toyota and explained my situation at 4:45pm to see if there was any way to get my van in that night for service.

They told me that window repairs are not done on site, but that the detail center had a mobile person that looked after this type of damage.  I was given the phone number for Jason Belanger to call about my van.

I called Jason and left a message for him.  He called back shortly and explained that 9 times out of 10 there is usually damage to the paint when there is a window breakage.  He was on his way out to Coquitlam for a customer and he would stop by our home in Port Coquitlam on his way back to Pitt Meadows.  He suggested that I wait to report to ICBC until then to make sure that all damages would be included on the claim.

Jason showed up around 6:30pm and took a look at our van.  Sure enough, there were paint chips and scratches to the light cover.  He suggested that I take the van to MARK’s Auto Body for the repairs.  They were close to my home and had an excellent reputation for their service and work.  Jason even went so far as to call Mark on his cell and let him know that I would be coming by in the morning.

When I went to MARK’S Auto Body the next morning, they were expecting me and were able to take the van in right away for the repairs.  The repairs were done quicker than I was told and they did a great job.

I would like to personally thank Jason.  Not only did he come to my home and help me out (probably after his normal work hours), but he referred me to a great detail shop that took excellent care of me due to his calling the manager.

Jason made this bad situation have a very happy ending.  Not knowing where to turn when this happened, he came along and helped me through the process.

It’s employees like Jason that go the extra mile to make customers happy that truly make a difference.



Bonnie Karhukangas