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Making Vehicle More Interactive : Toyota Infotainment Technology

Toyota vehicles are more interactive than ever thanks to their Infotainment Technology. Infotainment Technology is an information based media content or programming which also includes entertainment content to enhance driver and/or passenger experience. Toyota vehicles come with a wide range of Infotainment Technology options such as standard 6.1” or 7” touchscreen, Bluetooth wireless music streaming, a unique “test to voice” feature and so much more.

The high-resolution 6″ interactive touch screen and steering wheel mounted 4-way directional control switch gives you total command at your fingertips. With the Touch the Audio Button you have access to a plethora of music choices, including AM/FM Radio, CD Player, iPod – with full connectivity and control from the touchscreen interface. Also available, a revolutionary “text to voice” feature that converts a text message from your phone into a voice message through the speakers.

Keep connected to your world while you are driving in your Toyota vehicle. Come down to West Coast Toyota and see the difference and/or visit Toyota site for tips on how to use this awesome technology.

Sales Team

West Coast Toyota