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Sandeep Shares About His Pleasant Experience with Mark at West Coast Toyota

Sandeep shares with us on Google Reviews:

😊 West Coast Toyota 😊 I purchased Rav4 XLE premium (gasoline) from West Coast Toyota. Mr. Mark Fernandes was my Product Advisor. He explained everything upfront about the waiting period for the new vehicles. Many other dealership misled by committing early deliveries but then not keeping their word, West Coast is different than those others. Mark and his dealership are very professional. Mark kept his word for selling the vehicle at MSRP. Mark is very supportive throughout the process of purchasing the RAV4. I rate Mark very highly for this support. I have already planned one more RAV4 purchase from Mark and West Coast Toyota. I am wishing that I’ll feel same after one more purchase.

West Coast Toyota is very trustworthy dealership which don’t hide anything. You know how much you will be paying for your vehicle upfront.

Mark and his team at West Coast guided me through various options available for finance and other add-ons but gave me freedom to choose what I want. Mark and his team are very polite and understanding. They value the person. West Coast Toyota dealership has very nice and clean facilities and very easy to get access to needed person.

The West Coast Toyota dealership made sure that vehicle was in perfect condition for delivery. Thank you Mark and team West Coast Toyota to make this experience very pleasant and memorable. 😊 😊 😊

Thank you, Sandeep, for the kind words.

It was our pleasure helping you through your vehicle buying experience. We will continue to be here for you and your family moving forward.

We look forward to delivering your RAV4 Hybrid in the future.

From Mark and the West Coast Toyota team.

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