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The Original Green Company : Toyota

Toyota is a company which not only produces industry leading machines, it has one of the best track records for innovative environmental technology. There are a few noteworthy efforts by Toyota for this year. Toyota and Lexus exceeded sales of more than 5 million hybrids globally. Toyota estimates the use of 5 million hybrid vehicles has avoided 34 million tons of CO2 emissions. Energy use has been reduced by 22 per cent per vehicle produced (since FY2002).


Ten Toyota North American plants achieved zero waste to landfill. Since 2002, Toyota’s parts and accessories returnable container program has saved over 308 million pounds of wood and 185 million pounds of cardboard. Or 2.5 million trees worth.

West Coast Toyota is proud to be a part of such an innovative and industry changing company. We look forward to what Toyota will cook up next. Thank you Toyota for being focused on planet, people and plants.

Sales Team

West Coast Toyota