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Vulcanized Undercoating

Vulcanized Undercoating | Indestructible Protection for Your Vehicle

Vulcanized Undercoating Side

A new car looks beautiful when you drive off the lot with its shiny paint gleaming in the sun. No matter what you do to protect your brand new vehicle, it will be exposed to all kinds of damaging chemicals and environmental elements. Your car or truck will be subject to the corrosion process and over time, rust will be the result.

Diamond Kote is a recognized name that provides superior protection for new vehicles. One of those products is the Premium Vulcanized Undercoating/Sound Shield. It provides a barrier against the elements that cause corrosion and helps prevent rust. The product is a rubberized coating that is flexible and durable and is similar to what is used to make hockey pucks.

The Vulcanized Undercoating insulates your vehicle and protects it from rain, snow, road chemicals and pollutants that can cause damage. Another benefit is that it also provides insulation from the sounds of the road and the engine. This product is tough and flexible and is almost indestructible.

If this sounds like the kind of protection you want for your new vehicle, talk to the knowledgeable team at West Coast Toyota. When you test drive your next car, truck or SUV, ask about Vulcanized Undercoating. Keep your vehicle looking like new with the best protection.

Randy Saunders
West Coast Toyota