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We Invite You To #GetDirty with Toyota and Evergreen


In this day and age sustainable living practices are vital to ensure a healthy planet. West Coast Toyota is just one of the proud dealerships excited to sponsor Evergreen. This is a non-profit organization that encourages sustaining natural outdoor spaces, while continuing to promote sustainability and create them in our own backyards and communities.

Evergreen was founded in 1991, and teamed up with Toyota Canada Inc in 2000. Evergreen, Toyota Canada Inc. and Toyota dealerships, including West Coast Toyota, created the program Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds. This program helps community schools create their schoolyard into a natural environment with the aim of sparking an appreciation for nature and thereby creating a greener world.

Together we have raised over $6 million to help communities completely transform their school grounds, making it a great place for children to play in a natural environment. In 2011 West Coast Toyota helped improve a school yard. It was quite the event, where children had the opportunity to plant trees, help plan the layout of the grounds, and plant gardens. It’s inspiring to see the children together, making their school yard a classroom and great play to play. West Coast Toyota also handed out donations on behalf of the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds to other local schools for their Green Projects.

This year Evergreen has launched the #GetDirty campaign, which consisted of a series of Dirty Day challenges. Every Wednesday Evergreen forced us to think what we were doing to make our planet better when they asked: what are you doing to #GetDirty? Are you planting a garden, cleaning up community gardens? How are you being eco-conscious? Creating awareness is the goal so we have to ask, what are you doing to #GetDirty?

In Vancouver on June 7th is Evergreen’s 100in1 Day. We invite you to join them in transforming your city. Watch the video above to get inspired. This festival, also referred to as an intervention, unites people to get involved to create a space of inspiration within the city. This year’s project is the Vancouver Canopy Project. Finding a silver lining to Vancouver’s heavy rainfall, a canopy will be built using the following materials: broken umbrellas, thread, needles, volunteers, bins for responsible disposal of umbrella hardware. Click here to learn more about 100in1 Day in Vancouver or register for a workshop here.

So again, we ask you, what are you doing to #GetDirty?

Randy Saunders
West Coast Toyota