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2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Review

2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback: Bring a Little Fun to Your Life.

2013-toyota-yaris-hatchback-exterior-silverThe 2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is a cute looking machine which is youthful and fully equipped. “The subcompact that offers epic Toyota value in a fun-to-drive, easy-to-own package,” noted Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc.

The interior of the 2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is conveniently crafted. It looks small on the outside but has a lot of space inside. The rear cargo area is a full 14.5 cm longer than the previous Yaris Hatchback model.

2013-toyota-yaris-hatchback-interiorThe exterior of the 2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is spunky and modern. It utilizes the Corolla styling when it comes to the grille and body contours. Then it adds its youthful flare with the hatchback rear end. It also has been lowered closer to the ground and has gotten a longer wheelbase.

The performance of the 2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is sporty and outstanding. This is thanks to a highly tuned suspension, improved steering and braking responses and an impressive turning radius of 9.4 metres.

2013 Engine:

  • 1.5L DOHC VVT-i: 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque

2013 Fuel Economy:

  • 1.5L Manual: city 6.6 (43) and highway 5.2 (54)
  • 1.5L Automatic: city 6.8 (42) and highway 5.5 (51)

The 2013 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is a bargain of a vehicle. It is a subcompact offering more space than you’d expect for a car of its size and an exterior which will turn heads.

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