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Toyota Named Best Resale Value Brand by Kelley Blue Book for 2013.

For 2013, Toyota has been Named Best Resale Value Brand by Kelley Blue Book (KBB.com). The second year in a row for Toyota to win this award showing that Toyota Canada keeps proving its resale value.

KBB.com is an automotive vehicle valuation company which holds high respect in the automotive industry. It is a great honour to be given an award by this company. The Rav4, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Tacoma are among the Toyota line that brought home this award for Toyota.

This year marked the third win within the last four years for Toyota Canada with the 2013 Models.  This will be the second time in a tow Toyota Canada has received the Best Resale Value Brand Award from Kelley Blue Book

This recognition makes the team at West Coast Toyota extremely proud. There is no better feeling than selling a high quality product. Toyota Canada and its dealers, all over Canada, continue to strive for excellence both in resale and in overall sales.

Sales Team

West Coast Toyota