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I Was Just So Happy with West Coast Toyota!

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Hi, my name is Janice Groundmire. And I bought a 2016 Toyota 4Runner. Well, I’ve always bought 4Runners. This is actually my third 4Runner. And I just wouldn’t have any other vehicle. It’s strong; I feel safe in it. And I love the look about it. The reason I came to West Coast Toyota for my purchases is because we’ve had some work down here with our previous 4Runners. And then I went to two other Toyota dealers, and I wasn’t really happy with some of the price that they were giving me on my previous car.

Then I met Robert here. He was just fantastic, a really good guy, very honest, not pushy. And I was really happy with the deal that we made. I’ve actually written a review on Yelp and Google because I was so happy; just find everybody so pleasant here. Nice to deal with. And just honest. I feel safe. And you know they really have your best interests at heart.