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Michael Becomes a Lifetime Customer of West Coast Toyota!

Michael shares with us on Google Reviews:

“Laurie was very helpful and honest, and there was no pressure at all. When making an order, I didn’t even have to put down a deposit. Literally the only dealership to do this. Moreover, they don’t care if we pay cash for the car or finance. Plus they charge the lowest dealership fees around.

This about the implication of this. These guys COULD have asked for a deposit because everyone else is, and they could have taken all the deposits and earned interest on it, but they didn’t. So I guess this means these guys aren’t prioritizing maximizing profit, but rather maximizing customer experience and satisfaction, because that’s the only reason I can think of why they can do this, unless they have calculated they’ll gain more profit by having people like me spreading the good word about them.

I’m like 99% sure if you wanna buy a Toyota, this is the dealership to go to. I checked out 2 other ones and this one is by far the best. They got a lifetime customer.”