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Toyota Crown Arrives Early 2023 – The New Shape of Innovation

With a look that’s entirely unique for its class, the all-new 2023 Toyota Crown coming to West Coast Toyota brings bold style to the top of the Toyota sedan lineup.

All-New 2023 Toyota Crown

With massive wheels, a flowing silhouette, and unique paint options, it is a ride that is ready to stand out from the crowd. Toyota Crown brings ample style and the added confidence of standard AWD and the choice of two electrified Toyota powertrains, including the first-ever HYBRID MAX system.

Available in three grades: XLE, Limited, and Platinum, Toyota Crown will offer a choice of two different hybrid powertrains: HYBRID MAX or the Toyota Hybrid System (THS). HYBRID MAX is Toyota’s all-new performance hybrid that puts out a manufacturer estimated 340 net horsepower and a net 400 lb-ft. of torque. Exclusive to the Platinum grade, it pairs front and rear electric motors with a 2.4-litre turbocharged engine and direct shift 6-speed automatic transmission. HYBRID MAX produces powerful torque at low RPM for sporty, exhilarating driving and has an NRCan-approved fuel consumption of 8.1/7.3/7.8 L/100 km (city/highway/combined).

The XLE and Limited grades are equipped with the Toyota Hybrid system that pairs front and rear electric motors with a 2.5-litre engine. This highly efficient hybrid system can achieve an NRCan-approved fuel consumption of 5.6/5.7/5.7 L/100 km (city/highway/combined). The system’s nickel-metal hydride battery output has increased to support responsive acceleration at low speeds and provide a satisfying driving feel.

Built on Toyota’s GA-K platform (TNGA-K), the all-new Toyota Crown has an elevated stance that comes in-part from standard 19-inch or available 21-inch wheels – the largest ever on a Toyota sedan. The large diameter wheels lift Toyota Crown up, giving the car a strong presence that also helps drivers get a clear view of the road. The height also elevates the vehicle’s hip point, the pivot point between the torso and upper legs, measuring at about 25-inches and enables easy vehicle entry and exit.

Toyota Crown’s vibe throws off the conventions of the typical sedan with a side profile that flows to a broad rear end. The dynamic body style is amplified by rounded and sweeping character lines which give it a launch ready, head-turning look. On the inside, its spacious cabin has a premium feel that offers unique colour combinations, a full digital display, piano key controls, vertical wireless charging port, and the new Toyota Multimedia system with available 11-speaker JBL Premium audio system pack in tech and entertainment.

Available colours include Black, Oxygen White, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Heavy Metal and Supersonic Red. A unique bi-tone paint is available on the Platinum grade, pairing black paint that extends from tip to tail, with a pairing choice of Wind Chill Pearl, Heavy Metal, Supersonic Red or an all new, bi-tone only Bronze Age colour.

Toyota Crown comes well-equipped at a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $45,590 for the XLE grade, $50,990 for the Limited grade, and $59,990 for the Platinum grade. Toyota Crown is expected to arrive at Toyota dealerships in early 2023.

Three Grades, All Hybrid and All Wheel Drive

With three grades to choose from and two unique hybrid powertrains, Toyota Crown brings a unique combination of style, comfort, and performance.

The XLE grade comes equipped with the 2.5-litre Toyota Hybrid System, Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, three selectable drive modes, 19-inch alloy wheels, heated and powered woven fabric front seats and the all-new Toyota Multimedia System with 12.3-inch touchscreen and 6 speakers.

The Limited grade also comes equipped with XLE features and adds multibeam LED headlights, a fixed panoramic roof, leather seats that are heated and ventilated up front and heated in the rear, 11-speaker JBL Premium audio system, rain sensing windshield wipers and Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking (PA w/AB). Interior colours include black, black and chestnut and macadamia.

The Platinum grade includes everything on XLE and Limited and raises the bar with the HYBRID MAX powertrain, Full-Time Electronic All-Wheel Drive, Adaptive Variable Suspension, six selectable drive modes, Advanced Park, unique 21-inch machined 10-spoke alloy wheels with black accents and the available bi-tone paint option and digital key (with Remote Connect subscription).

All Crown grades will come with the new Toyota Multimedia System and Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 standard.

Hybrid: Two-Ways

Toyota made “hybrid” synonymous with fuel efficiency more than 20 years ago with the first-generation Prius. Today, Toyota continues to expand its hybrid lineup and overall electrified vehicle offerings with Crown, bringing the number of Toyota electrified vehicles to 16.

The Toyota Crown innovates on the hybrid front with another first for Toyota sedans, the HYBRID MAX System. This new system is designed to deliver smooth and powerful torque-filled acceleration for a 0-100 km/h time of 5.8 seconds, while also keeping an eye on fuel efficiency with a combined city/highway fuel consumption rating of 7.8 L/100 km.

HYBRID MAX combines a 2.4-litre inline 4-cylinder turbo engine, tuned to hit peak torque between 2000-3000 RPM, with a front electric motor that helps maximize torque production. A rear wheel eAxle that includes a high output water-cooled electric motor is coupled with the hybrid system to directly transmit force to all four wheels, ensuring a thrilling throttle response and linear acceleration throughout the power band.

Also available is the fourth-generation Toyota Hybrid System, which combines a high-efficiency 2.5-litre DOHC four-cylinder engine with two electric motors in a highly compact system. The gas engine employs Variable Valve Timing-intelligent by Electric motor (VVT-iE) on the intake camshaft, and VVT-i on the exhaust camshaft. The variable range for the valve timings of both the intake and exhaust are set to maximize both fuel consumption and output.

Toyota Crown offers either a direct shift six-speed automatic transmission (Platinum grade only) or an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT) on the XLE and Limited grades.

The Platinum grade’s direct-shift six speed transmission provides responsive acceleration thanks to Toyota’s new Hydraulic multi plate wet start clutch. A combination of technologies works together to enhance accelerator operation and vehicle response. The six speed AT also applies the assistance of the motor generator within the HYBRID MAX system, minimizing shift drop across the power band. Drivers can also throw the shifter into fixed gear mode, for paddle-shifted fun.

The eCVT on the XLE and Limited Grade shifts gears electronically, providing smart shift operation with a single action. Paired with the THS front and rear hybrid transaxle, Toyota Crown’s powertrain provides low fuel consumption and low noise. Aspects that manage fuel efficiency include an optimized gear ratio and a deceleration mechanism to reduce gear engagement loss.

THS-equipped vehicles feature selectable NORMAL, ECO and SPORT driving modes that let the driver tailor the Toyota Crown’s performance personality. SPORT mode improves and sharpens throttle response, making hybrid driving more fun. ECO mode changes the throttle and environmental logic to help the driver focus on maximizing mileage from the fuel and battery, while NORMAL mode is ideal for everyday driving. Additionally, an EV (Electric Vehicle) mode allows electric-only driving at low speeds for short distances.

The HYBRID MAX equipped Platinum grade receives a more comprehensive drive mode selection – which not only includes NORMAL, ECO and SPORT but adds three drive modes: SPORT+ mode that provides an emphasis on steering response, flat cornering and a sense of stability, COMFORT mode that provides a more supple drive that emphasizes passenger comfort and a CUSTOM mode that enables drivers to adjust system settings individually, creating a safe profile that suites their driving habits.

All-Wheel Drive at its Smartest

The XLE and Limited grades come standard with Toyota’s Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive and the Platinum grade comes with Full-time Electronic All-Wheel Drive, two highly efficient systems that take maximum advantage of the hybrid powertrain’s benefits.

Instead of using a transfer case and driveshaft to the rear wheels, Electronic On-Demand AWD on the XLE and Limited grades employs a separate rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels when needed. Electronic On-Demand AWD achieves stable performance by driving the rear wheels with a rear motor, to provide traction when needed in slippery conditions. The front and rear wheel driving force distribution is precisely controlled to the front and rear wheels between 100:0 and 20:80, for enhanced fuel efficiency and comfortable driving performance.

On the Platinum grade, Full-Time Electronic AWD paired with HYBRID MAX delivers power to the front and rear wheels via a front mounted hybrid motor and a rear-mounted, eAxle electric motor. This system supports stable AWD performance and satisfying acceleration thanks to being paired with a direct shift six-speed automatic transmission. Full-Time Electronic AWD automatically adjusts the front and wheel drive torque between 70:30 and 20:80, depending on the driving situation. This new AWD system enhances the drive force of the rear wheels and provides the feel of rear-wheel-drive maneuverability, straight line stability and responsive acceleration.

Handling and Stability

While Crown’s overall height stands out, coming in at 1540 mm compared to 1445 mm for Camry, Toyota engineers also wanted its ride to provide confident handling and supreme comfort.

A combination of lightweight, high-strength materials, like a ring frame structure, a combination of plate spot and laser welds on the body, and the use of structural adhesive support rigidity. The steering gearbox is mounted directly to the suspension member for a direct steering feel that minimizes line correction. And aero-stabilizing underbody panels with a “stepped” texture help control airflow under the car, supporting downforce for a firmly planted ride.

To help keep driver and passenger sight lines stable, Toyota Crown’s suspension consists of a MacPherson-type strut in the front and newly developed multilink rear suspension in the rear. Swing valve shock absorbers are equipped on the Limited and XLE grade and an Adaptive Variable Suspension comes standard on the Platinum grade. Each option is intended to give Crown a smooth ride that minimizes head movement.

The Platinum grade’s Adaptive Variable Suspension components have been tuned to support the high output of the 2.4-litre Turbo Hybrid Engine and eAxle. Crown’s AVS uses variable oil pressure shock absorbers. This system automatically controls the friction within the absorber when turning, controlling the damping force, reducing pitch at high drive torque, and minimizing the effects of bumpy roads. A linear solenoid type actuator is also equipped on the system to minimize body pitch and roll. AVS tuning also changes based on the selected drive mode of NORMAL, ECO, SPORT, SPORT+, COMFORT, or CUSTOM, adjusting the damping force and balancing steering response, stability control, and ride comfort.

Reducing vibrations felt by the driver and passengers was also an important element of Toyota Crown’s ride comfort. Suspension tuning was optimized to minimize vibration by using a soft suspension bushing and a dynamic damper on the front suspension. Polyurethane coated coil springs in the front help provide a smooth ride and high-damping structural adhesive on the body and reinforced seat mounting points reduces shake generated by the road.

Toyota Crown’s handling is bolstered by an electronically controlled brake system featuring Active Cornering Assist (ACA), which engages the stability control to reduce understeer in certain cornering situations, so the driver feels the enhanced agility, not the system’s operation.

First Class Cabin

Toyota Crown provides exemplary comfort with standard 8-way power adjustable driver and front passenger seats. Front seat adjustments include slide, recline, tilt, height adjust and lumbar support (driver seat only). Rear seats include ample cushioning and bolster support for maximum enjoyment.

The Toyota Crown comes with standard heated front seats that can be adjusted to three levels. Limited and Platinum add standard ventilated front seats and heated rear seats to the list of creature comforts. The seats offer comfort and style, with Softex and black woven fabric seating on the XLE, and mixed leather seats standard on the Limited and Platinum grades.

Dual zone climate control, standard for all grades, is accessed via a thin illuminated control panel that runs along the dashboard, just below the multimedia screen, along with other frequently used functions. All Toyota Crown grades also receive a 12.3-inch colour MID. Drivers can select different displays with the push of a button, including a Hybrid System Indicator showing the driver system output and regeneration status to encourage eco-driving habits. As used on other Toyota hybrid models, the display suggests optimal amounts of acceleration for eco driving.

Toyota Crown Platinum and Limited grades include a standard fixed panoramic moonroof. For added function and ambience, in-cabin LED lighting adds a premium feel. Illumination includes overhead and front/rear footwell lighting, cup holders, USB ports and door handle accents.

Toyota Crown has drivers and passengers plugged-in when it comes to charging devices. On the driver’s side, a vertical-type wireless Qi charger with enhanced space efficiency comes standard. There is also a standard USB-Type A and 12V charging port inside the console. A separate dual USB-Type C terminal is also standard on the passenger side, with the insertion port intentionally pointing to the passenger seat. For rear seat passengers, two USB-Type C ports are standard.

To aid outward visibility, the Platinum grade comes standard with Panoramic View Monitor, which provides a 360-degree overhead view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The standard backup camera features projected path and dynamic gridlines. For additional convenience, Limited and Platinum come standard with a Smart Key System that works on all four doors.

A Sanctuary on the Road

For customers who seek premium experiences in a vehicle, keeping unwanted noise out is paramount. The 2023 Toyota Crown’s cabin brings that priority quietly home. Rather than simply aiming at a “numbers” goal for sound level (decibels), Toyota engineers created a calm atmosphere conducive to enjoying easy conversation or hearing music in cleaner detail.

The high-strength TNGA-K platform is the first defense against noise intrusion, curbing vibration through the steering, floor, and structure. Suspension tuning resists road surface disturbances and tire noise is reduced via strategically placed insulation and thoughtful tire/wheel construction. Engineers also undertook extensive analysis of noise transmission paths and filled spaces around door frames, window openings and wiring harnesses for enhanced cabin quietness. Even the inner rocker and bulkhead are connected with adhesive to minimize noise.

The Toyota Crown also uses acoustic glass as a sound-blocking barrier in the cabin. And insulation and body sealing material are placed throughout the structure, between the engine bay and cabin, under the carpeting and above the headliner. The materials and their placement were optimized to minimize noise in the frequencies that typically interfere with conversation.

Next Gen Toyota Multimedia

All Toyota Crown models feature the all-new, North-American developed Toyota Multimedia system. Featuring a 12.3-inch touchscreen, the system offers an improved user experience and a wide range of enhanced connectivity and convenience features, including being Over-the-Air (OTA) updatable. Users can interact with the new system design through touch and voice. With Intelligent Assistant available through Drive Connect1, simple phrases like “Hey Toyota” awaken the system for natural voice commands to search for directions, find Points of Interest (POI) and more while the standard on-board Toyota Assistant allows you to use your voice to adjust audio controls, change the cabin temperature and more.

The cloud-based native navigation system also offered through Drive Connect allows for real-time traffic updates and dynamic route suggestions, while Google POI data integration ensures up-to-date search capability.

The XLE grade features a 6-speaker sound system that provides clean, powerful sound for all types of music. On Limited and Platinum, standard is an audiophile-worthy JBL Premium Audio System with 11 speakers, including a rear subwoofer, powered by an 8-channel amplifier. It was acoustically tuned for Toyota Crown to match unique vehicle characteristics.

Toyota Multimedia allows for simultaneous dual Bluetooth phone connectivity with standard support for wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ capability. The Toyota Crown also offers a host of additional Connected Services like Remote Connect (3-year trial), Safety Connect (up to 10-year trial*), Service Connect (up to 10-year trial*) and available Drive Connect.

Available Digital Key (requires an active Remote Connect trial or subscription) allows drivers to use their smartphone in place of the regular key with the Toyota App. It can also be shared with friends and family.

*Services are dependent upon connection to a compatible wireless network, provided by a third-party wireless service provider. Toyota is not responsible for cellular network discontinuance and will not provide compensation for reduced service availability.

Advanced Park, Safety & Other Technology

Standard on the Platinum grade is Toyota’s Advanced Park System. Sensors identify an open parking space, then once selected by the driver, the system controls steering, shifting, acceleration and braking for hands-free parallel or reverse/forward perpendicular parking.

All Toyota Crown grades come standard with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0), which includes enhancements made possible by system sensors with improved detection capability. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is capable of detecting motorcyclists and guardrails in certain conditions. When making a turn or approaching an intersection, the system is designed to detect certain forward or laterally approaching vehicles and provides audio/visual alerts and automatic braking in certain conditions.

Toyota Crown will be equipped with Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). Improved lane recognition delivers refined performance of Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Lane Tracing Assist. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is designed to notify the driver via audible and visual alerts and slight steering force if it senses the vehicle is leaving the lane without engaging a turn signal. When DRCC is set and engaged, Lane Tracing Assist uses visible lane markers or a preceding vehicle to help keep the vehicle centered in its lane.

Automatic High Beams are designed to detect preceding or oncoming vehicles and automatically switch between high beam and low beam headlights.

New for TSS 3.0 is Proactive Driving Assist. When operating conditions are met, this system provides gentle braking and/or steering to help support driving tasks such as distance control between your vehicle and a preceding vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

In addition to the TSS 3.0 system, other standard safety features on the Crown include Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), which is designed to help detect and warn you of vehicles approaching or positioned in the adjacent lanes, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) for added peace of mind by helping to detect vehicles approaching from either side while backing out and alerting you with a visual and audible warning.

Toyota’s Rear Seat Reminder comes standard on all Toyota Crown grades. The feature can note whether a rear door was opened after the vehicle has been turned on, with a reminder message in the instrument cluster after the engine is turned off, accompanied by multitone chimes.

*Certain features include a trial period at no additional cost upon original date of new vehicle purchase or lease. After the trial period ends, a paid subscription is required.