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Genuine Toyota Service

Lou-Anne shares with us on Google Reviews:
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Why change to winter tires? Winter tires have softer rubber for cold weather performance, sipes to expel snow and slush, deep treads for better grip in snow.

Your Greater Vancouver Toyota dealer, West Coast Toyota can help you get the right tires at the right price!

Get help selecting your Toyota Tires and speak with our Service Team

Don’t forget to ask about Tire Storage options with West Coast Toyota too.


You depend on your car battery every time you drive. Not just to start the engine but to power all the different electrical systems in your Toyota, from lighting to climate control to infotainment.

Over time, factors such as driving conditions, operating cycles, driving habits, and simple aging can deteriorate your battery’s performance.

Speak with the West Coast Toyota Service Department for more details on your Genuine Toyota Batteries.