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To make an educated decision, I called 3 Toyota dealers, 3 GMC dealers, 3 Chrysler dealers and 3 Ford dealers.

Dear Napoleon,

I would like to thank you so much for your efforts with regards to helping me try and find an appropriate truck to suit my husbands needs and budget for his work.  We are huge fans of Toyota and we were hoping that we could end up with one for him but unfortunately the truck just didn’t work due to size and it was just out of our budget to look into a Tundra.  As it turns out he chose the Chevrolet Silverado this time around.

As I mentioned to you, I had to do a lot of the leg work by phone to begin with.  My husband works long hours and I have three young kids at home.  It is not easy to just tote them around to actually come in and physically see all these vehicles at the initial stages of research.  To make an educated decision, I called three Toyota dealers, three GMC dealers, three Chrysler dealers and three Ford dealers.  I asked each contact that I made, from each dealer, to send me the same information.  It was so surprising of the lack of response I received from some of the dealers.   Only one person from Ford and one person from Chrysler actually emailed me back.  But they never emailed what I was actually asking for, nor did they follow up with me.    I did receive some kind of response from all three contacts of GMC and Toyota.

However, I would like to send you special acknowledgement for the time you gave to me through email and your follow up phone calls.  You definitely made a very positive and lasting impression for Toyota and I really appreciated all of your kindness and information that you gave to me.    Between all twelve calls I made you and the fellow that we ended up purchasing the vehicle from gave the very best of customer service.  I am fully aware that my request probably wasn’t the most appealing of customers that  I am sure you have run into because of our huge budget that we were working with.

You never made us feel that we were less important.  The lack of response that I received from the other companies have made me feel that we were just not worthy of their time.  Having been in hospitality for years I really appreciate good customer service and I am also one to share my negative experiences.  It is very unprofessional and ignorant business sense to not take each call seriously.   Just because we are on a tight budget this year does not mean that will be the case in years to come.   Napoleon, as I mentioned to you down the road I would like to trade in my Sienna and move into a Highlander or 4Runner.  I will only be making one call when the time comes to do that.  It will not be for a few years yet, but we will for sure talk again!

Thank you Napoleon.  All the best to you,

Kelly O’Bryan

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