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Toyota sells 5 Million Hybrids worldwide with no sign of slowing down.

Toyota Canada is the green leader. It can account for eighty percent of the Hybrid sales in 2012 contributing to the reduction of 34 tons of CO2 emissions. Toyota is leading the way in Hybrid technologies and has now proudly announce it has sold Five Million Hybrid vehicle. Toyota plays a key role in the campaign for adoption of a greener planet.

The Prius was the first Hybrid vehicle unveiled in Canada has won the ecoENERGY Award from Natural Resources Canada for the 13th year running. It is clear we can make a real difference with climate change by driving Hybrid vehicles and that Canada can play a very real role in that.

Hybrid vehicles have been shown to be our best resource against fighting the CO2 emissions that have caused the greatest change in the global climate changes. In Canada alone, Toyota and Lexus hybrids have reduced CO2 emissions by about 380 thousand tons and saved an estimated 163 million litres of gasoline. Hybrid vehicles have also helped save consumers 12 million kilolitres of gasoline globally; who wouldn’t want to save money at the pump?

It is clear Toyota shows no intention of slowing down and every intention of continuing to work towards a greener planet. West Coast Toyota is proud to be a part of this venture and proud to sell these Hybrid vehicles.

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West Coast Toyota