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Diana Finds Her Beautiful C-HR and Have a Great Experience

Congratulations Diana on the purchase of your new C-HR purchase!

We appreciate you taking your time giving Kalim such a wonderful great review.

It’s great to hear about your experience here and please don’t hesitate to contact us for your future vehicle needs & services and we will all be happy to assist you.

Thank you very much for your business Diana and enjoy your new C-HR!

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Below is the thank-you note from Diana MacPhee to Kalim Mohiuddin.

“I had my eye on Toyota CHR for the last 2 years. I tried to connect with a few salespeople from a different town including Pit Meadows, but every salesperson I met, I found that they were just trying to get a quick sale and you didn’t feel that they cared much.

I went back to Pit Meadows again a few months later just to look at a car, when Kalim approached me and my husband.

Kalim was fantastic and he understood what I want. He wasn’t forceful, he was patient, honest and he cared. I didn’t need to worry about anything, including putting down payment, locking in interest or purchasing the car when it arrives and I may not like it.

He worked with us the whole time and made me feel less worried. My car was challenging to get (the colour of the car). It was discontinued, but Kalim connected with everyone from Toyota across Canada to ensure that I get the car I want. And I did.

For me, I needed someone who cared and was patient. Kalim just did that.

The admin staff to who Kalim assigned me to, including the young insurance guy were also fantastic. ( Unfortunately can’t remember their name). I would definitely recommend Kalim to everyone.

Thank you Kalim!”

Give us a call or come see us. Just across the bridge in Maple Ridge!

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