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Kalim Mohiuddin

West Coast Toyota is proud to announce that both Kalim Mohiuddin and Laurie Shong for being recognized by Toyota Canada as two of the top selling Product Advisors in Canada.

Both have been inducted into the Toyota Canada ‘200 Club’ for delivering more than 200 New vehicles in 2023.

*Pictured left to right; Laurie Shong, Kalim Mohiuddin, presenting this award is Scott Jones, Dealer Principal, and Gord Zilkowsky, Sales Manager.*


Congratulations to Kalim’s customers Kevin and Erica!

They are very happy with the purchase of their new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid!


Congratulations Diana on the purchase of your new C-HR purchase!

We appreciate you taking your time giving Kalim such a wonderful great review.

It’s great to hear about your experience here and please don’t hesitate to contact us for your future vehicle needs & services and we will all be happy to assist you.

Thank you very much for your business Diana and enjoy your new C-HR!

Get yours at West Coast Toyota

Below is the thank-you note from Diana MacPhee to Kalim Mohiuddin.
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Rus and his friend Dave purchased these wonderful Toyota RAV4 Limited‘s through Kalim Mohiuddin at the same time.  Both are huge Toyota fans and Kalim fans.


Double the savings with 2 new Hybrids! Moien and his father in law Dean are the proud owners of 2 new Toyota’s from West Coast Toyota, a 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE and a 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.  Their salesperson Kalim Mohiuddin and the team at West Coast Toyota could not be happier for this family.


Dan Takes His Prius to the Maritimes

Dan is loving the Toyota Prius he purchased from Kalim Mohiuddin here at West Coast Toyota! See his comments below:

Just a quick note to say how much we are enjoying touring with our Prius. We are presently in Newfoundland. The Prius has been the perfect touring car for us. These units are very rare here in the Maritimes. That hurricane passed over us when we were in St. Anthony.  We had decided to stop and wait for it to blow over rather than driving through the middle of it. As I said before that little car is a touring wonder. I hope all is well on the “other” coast. We’ll be in for a service in October when we get back. I have attached a photo of our car in the line to be loaded onto the NL ferry.

Take care!

Please pass on our thanks to Kalim for suggesting this unit… it’s the Best.



Kaitlyn is Tacoma Loyal with a TRD

Kaitlyn Harmatuik of Mission, BC just bought a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD from her sales person Kalim Mohiuddin. This is Kaitlyn’s 2nd Tacoma, as she just traded a 2016 TRD that she bought in February of last year, Kaitlyn loves the Tacoma and her salesperson Kalim. Thank you for your continued loyalty Kaitlyn and enjoy your new truck!


First time Toyota customers from Port Coquitlam, Eli Erickson and wife Ricki along with their brand new baby girl Valerie, stopped by West Coast Toyota to test out a 2017 Toyota Highlander. With the help of sales advisor Kalim Mohiuddin they drove away in it the same day!


Barclay and Suzanne came all the way from Soda Springs, California to pick up this fabulous 2014 Platinum Nissan Tundra from Sales Associate, Kalim Mohiuddin. Congratulations on your new truck and safe travels!!


It’s Never Too Early for a Tacoma!


Kalim Mohiuddin’s customer Kaitlyn Marion Harmatuik, she is very happy with her new Toyota Tacoma. This is her first new truck and she is very excited to pick it up. So excited she showed up 1hr and 30minutes early! Congratulations Kaitlyn on your new Tacoma!