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2014 Toyota Tacoma

The Big One Came In!


Rob Sliziak fancies himself to be a bit of a fisherman, but admittedly he has never caught anything in his life as big as the 2014 Tacoma he landed from Phil Stanyer at West Coast Toyota. This is definitely one fish story that holds true! Enjoy your new truck Rob and thank you for your repeat business.


Giddy Up with the Toyota Tacoma

2014 toyota tacoma

Chico Albino is all revved up with excitement after picking up his 2014 Toyota Tacoma from Phil Stanyer at West Coast Toyota. Chico can’t wait to hit the road in his new truck. Congratulations! Thank you Chico and keep ‘er straight!


2014 Toyota Tacoma Review

True Power | 2014 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma is a truck built for all kinds of adventures. It is offered in 8 trim levels and 25 configurations to meet your needs. Recognized as a Canadian favourite, it has been awarded the Vincentric Best Value in Canada award thanks to its outstanding performance and bold styling. [continue reading…]