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2016 Toyota Prius c

Every Cool Cat Deserves a Cool Car!


This cool cat who works during the day at the Vancouver Aquarium and as a musician at night was looking for his first brand new vehicle that would be great on gas and easy to park. Laurie Shong introduced him to the Toyota Prius C which we test drove and loved. We were able to get this young man financing and provide him a vehicle he will love for years to come!


2016 Toyota Prius c Review

2016 Toyota Prius c | Car of the Future

2016 Toyota Prius c Exterior Front End

Adventure is waiting just around the corner, and the 2016 Toyota Prius c is prepared to bring you there with exhilaration. Featuring five-doors and seating for up to 5 passengers, this stylish and efficient vehicle is going to change the way you view performance possibilities. Agility and luxury come hand-in-hand through the design that is both practical and refined. The trim level options of the Prius c Technology is also available. [continue reading…]