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2017 Toyota Tacoma

Tyson had been searching high and low for a Tacoma to use in his landscaping business.

Travelling all the way from North Vancouver, with the help of his sales person Damian Prasad, Tyson was able to get into this beautiful pre-owned 2017 Toyota Tacoma in a very short time. [continue reading…]


Nick Takes His Tacoma Up North

Just before driving off to start his career as a paramedic in Northern British Columbia, Nick picked up his 2017 Toyota Tacoma from Product Advisor Phil Stanyer who wanted to add that he’s appreciative of your business and the people of Northern British Columbia are very lucky to have you!  All the best Nick! Team West Coast Toyota.

Kyle is Thrilled to Pick up His Tacoma

Kyle (right) with his sales rep Bruce Kirschner is absolutely thrilled to be picking up this beautiful 2017 Toyota Tacoma.  Working with Kyle for almost 2 weeks to make this deal happen, Bruce was very happy to see him be able to drive off in it.  Congratulations Kyle and welcome to our West Coast Toyota family!


Shanna and Michael Show Off Their New Tacoma!

Shanna and Michael from Coquitlam, BC are showing off their brand new Toyota Tacoma. They had been shopping for almost a year, and finally took the plunge when they stopped in at West Coast Toyota and met with sales person Kelly Heiling.  Welcome to the West Coast family!

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Emilio is a 2nd time Toyota owner and a first time West Coast Toyota customer!  Now the proud owner of a brand new 2017 Toyota Tacoma purchased from Sales Associate, Kelly Heiling.


The Dicken’s Kids Are Excited for Their New Tacoma!


Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dickens recently took delivery of this brand new 2017 Toyota Tacoma, their children Alysha and Ayden are thrilled!


Kevin’s Ready to Put Glorious Miles on His Tacoma!

Kevin Peters is still in shock after picking up his 2017 Double Cab Limited Toyota Tacoma from Product Advisor Phil Stanyer. Bought it the same day he first stepped into the dealership! Thank you Kevin and may you enjoy many glorious miles with your new truck.


2017 Toyota Tacoma Review

2017 Toyota Tacoma | Modern Adventure


Open up the doors to opportunity in the stunning and versatile 2017 Toyota Tacoma. Through its four-door design with seating for up to five individuals, you are able to bring it all along for the adventures of everyday life. Available trim levels include the 4×2 Access Cab, 4×4 Access Cab SR+ 5M, 4×4 Access Cab SR5 6A, 4×4 Access Cab V6 TRD Off-Road 6M, 4×4 Access Cab V6 SR5 6A, 4×4 Double Cab V6 TRD OFF-ROAD 6A, 4×4 Double Cab V6 TRD Sport 6M 4×4 Double Cab V6 SR5 6A, and the 4×4 Double Cab V6 Limited. [continue reading…]