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Victor and Lorainne Pose with Lucky Number 8!

2014 Toyota Prius V

Hi Linda,

Counting tonight we have bought a total of 8 cars/trucks from your dealership.

Kalim Mohiuddin has been our Product Advisor since we moved to Pitt Meadows and began dealing with your dealership in 2004.

His attention to our needs and desires is unmatched by anyone else, and the friendship we have developed with him over these 10 years is so treasured.

2014 Toyota Prius V

We took a few pics tonight when we took delivery of our new 2014 Prius V’s Touring Editions. They are such great cars and we’re so looking forward to many years of great things ahead with them.

Please pass this on to Toyota Canada on out behalf. Kalim deserved more than just recognition for all he has done for us!!!

With heart felt thanks,
Victor McClelland & Lorraine Arseneault

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